About me and this awesome concept:

I LOVE FOOD…I LOVE HEALTHY FOOD! I am a foodie at heart and love to try new healthy recipes. I am not a chef but I try hard to make delicious and healthy food for me and my family. We are a busy bunch and don’t have tons of time to cook every night. I would rather spend time getting  my gym time in, spending time with my family, or socializing with friends.If you would like to read about my crazy everyday antics, check out my blog under the Weekly Roundup.

LISTEN PEOPLE!!! Time is short! Who has time to make all of these fancy meals 3 times a day? I know I tried and was so stressed out! I needed to come up with a solution and quickly! The solution that I came up with is to batch cook on the weekends(maybe 2 days or just 1 depending on the schedule and how much) so that I have time to enjoy the the week without the extra added stress of cooking. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner ready anytime I need! Whether it is freezer ready or fridge ready, I have options for every day of the week.

However, it does still take some time: looking at the recipes, finding one that “might” work out for the week, the meal planning, grocery shopping, and always missing one ingredient…Ugh I hate that! I started this site out of a NEED. I know that if I am having these issues then so are a million other folks! So I decided I will do the dirty work for all of us. If I am doing all of this work now than why not post the results for everyone to know? That way us busy folks can go to a one stop shop to see what works and what doesn’t work and move on to the more enjoyable things in life. I hate the failures…there would be so much promise too… Oh you crockpot eggplant! I will never forget you!

This is where Paleo Food Critic comes in! I will be critiquing these recipes from all over…cookbooks, Pinterest, Yoga magazines, whatever is Paleo, Primal (I know I dig a bit of dairy from time to time)and Gluten free will be on here. Some will be good and some will be bad. I will post my favorites, what works out the best, and my own change it up and make it easier version. Because I am always down for simplicity! Did I mention I am not a chef??!!  It will be honest answers from someone who has no vested interest but to make good, easy , batchable healthy food options. Check it out and give it a try…

Check back often as I will have new items every week. Also sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss any awesomeness!

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