Checking in on 2017

checking in on 2017

Well Hello Friends! We are officially in the second month of the year and so I am just checking in on 2017. It appears that there is some crazy weather out there! It has been mild here in the ATL and snowing up in my old stomping ground Seattle. Wowsa! Better them than me is all I can say about that. HA!

I am writing this post a couple of days after the Super Bowl. It was a sad, sad day for the Falcons. They came so far only to blow it in the end. I am not sad about it. I am not from here and my loyalties lie with the Sea-HAWWWWKKKSSSS. I am a little disappointed only because I am so tired of the Patriots. Let someone else win for a change! Geesh! I thought that Falcons had it but as they do they choke in the end. Moving on to 2018!

The one great thing about the Falcons getting so far is that I didn’t have to drive but 10 miles to see the Seahawks play in the Playoffs. That was nice and I had some amazing friends come out and watched as well. I haven’t really seen anyone from Seattle in about 5 years and so that was a much pleasant surprise. Thanks for coming Tom and Beth!

Another fun thing that came up this past month was Katt Williams. He was a much needed laugh. That was my second time seeing him and he is still just as funny. I was just so happy that he made it and wasn’t arrested and in jail for one reason or another. So until next time Katt.

All of my other time has been working on the websites and making some delicious meals for you all to make yourself!  I wish I just so much more time to invest in it. I get on a roll and then something comes up and completely derails my plans. I have been working my binder (along with all of my stickers) to make sure I am on top of things. I do have some things crossed off my list, which is amazing. I am really working on trying to get things out of the way so that I can focus on more productive things.

On the other end of the spectrum, I know that things are still a bit on the tense side as far as the world is going. I have to give mad props to all of the protestors and events that are taking place around the globe. Things are still not going that well. It really seems to have been an eternity in this administration and it has been only a couple of weeks. This is going to be a really, really long 4 years. However, I really did love Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on SNL. That was one of the funniest skits I have ever seen. Love her! I hope that she comes back to do more of them. We have to hang in there folks. It is really hard and our country is really divided. People are losing friends and relatives over this and thats not great. But we have moved on past the election itself. This is no longer about “politics”, this is about morals and integrity. And I like some folks I cannot move past it. It is really, really difficult.

The most crazy things that I see are not from others but from my own family.  Others are others…..they can do and say whatever. But I am a daughter of an immigrant. If it was not for my father coming here on a boat from the Netherland’s, I would not be here. And what is upsetting is that some of my family members are not remembering this or are seeming to forget? I have no damn idea what is going through their minds but it is absolutely bullshit. I am no more of an immigrant than my neighbors or friends. In fact, I am probably more of an immigrant than my friends.

It is extremely disappointing to see and hear these things and how people can be so cold hearted. Wake up family…wake up! You are no better than the people you are trying to keep out. Oh and I would love for you to go ahead and pick up that maid job or pick fruit, since those seem to be such desirable jobs that you are wanting. Let me know how that works out for you.

This all comes down to common sense, integrity and morals. Without that we have nothing. Only the strong will survive and I am proud to be a part of a force that is bigger than myself. Go on ladies! I stand with you and all immigrants who need to make this country our home. We can fight this and we can make this an all inclusive and beautiful place to live again.

And there is my rant for the day. Sorry…not sorry.

I hope that you are all hanging in there and I would love to hear your Checking in on 2017 story. No negativity please!

Until next time. Stay classy and be kind to one another out there!

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