Happy Autumn 2018!

Autumn 2018

Happy Autumn 2018

Good afternoon my fellow bloggers and readers! and happy autumn 2018! Can you believe it has been another year? I sure as hell can’t! I have not been doing very well on my blogging…obviously! I have no idea where the time has gone and frankly that just makes me sad. I swear it was only a month or two since the last time I wrote…but yeah…its been like a total year! OMG!!!

How do I wrap up this last year? Oh man where do I even begin? I am going to have to get into this in stages. There is no way I will bore you with everything that has happened in one sitting. The novel will have to wait for some other time.

So what the hell happened?

There are so many topics that I am going to get into to wrap up the past year. There will be topics anywhere from weight issues, insomnia, working a full time stressful job, having grown-is children. The list is endless.

What I can tell you is that by the end of the year 2017 I was the heaviest in my lifetime (both in weight and in mind) even more than when I was pregnant a million years ago. I was just not in a really good space. My exercise routine was pretty non-existent by this time. I tried to get to a spin class from here and there but with my work schedule it was really hard to maintain anything consistent.

Just a bit of background, when I had moved into the city earlier in the year of 2017 I had sold my CrossFit gym that I had in my garage. I wasn’t doing any serious CrossFitting…It was more along the lines of weight lifting only with following a program through Catalyst Athletics. That program along with bad eating put on the pounds I tell ya! I was able to life some serious weight, for me, and hit more maxes that I had in the prior 8 years of CrossFit (that also includes my own individual weight). When it was time to move from the burbs to the city, it was time to hang up the weightlifting shoes and look into a different form of exercise program.

What is going to happen next?

We are going to get into all of that in the next blog post. I can’t wait to share with you my new bright exercise plan and if it worked or not?! We will get into all of those crazy topics that I mentioned earlier in the post.

But are you cooking?

Hell yeah I will be! I had to adjust some stuff around since I don’t have any real light in my apartment. I have been playing with lighting and trying to learn all of the things that I just don’t know. When does the learning ever end? Never!

I will have some great new recipes that are currently in the works and can’t wait to share with everyone!

So with all of this outstanding goodness that will be coming up I wanted to close it out with it is AUTUMN! It appears that the weather is changing out there so be sure and take care of yourself!


Happy Autumn 2018 everyone! Please check out my recipes on this site as well as on Chow Bellissima!

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  1. Crystal

    So happy you are back in the game!! xoxo


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