Happy Hoppy St. Patty’s Day party people

Happy Hoppy St. Patty's Day party people

Happy Hoppy St. Patty’s Day party people! Well OK it is not St. Patty’s Day yet…it is more like St. Patty’s week! Woo hoo! Can you already believe that it is already the middle of March? Time is flying by folks! I can’t even get over it.

Sorry I have been a bit M.I.A. for a few days. Life was getting a bit unruly. I have some life changes that are coming my my and so I have had to take care of that. It is not anything crazy really, but a situation came up sooner than anticipated. I have no worries for that type of stuff. I am just happy that I was able to find out about it now than later. No one is dying or anything, so no frets there.

The big change is just MOVING! See there is nothing to be worried about. I have lived in this home I am at now for the past almost 4 years. This is the house that Zoe went to high school in and now she is getting ready to graduate from. It was quite a decision to think about moving at this time. Only because it is her Graduation weekend and Memorial Day weekend and my mom is going to be here. Se…that is why it is a bit distressing. Do we want to try and fit ALL of these things in weekend. Thankfully it is a long weekend right!?

On the other side it is a time for us to scale down and move into a more smaller and just a more smaller place. Yes I said that twice. HA! which means that I am going to be giving up lots of furniture and selling my garage CrossFit gym. It is turning a page on something that is needing to happen I suppose. When you have the opportunity to make change I say go with it!

I thought we would be spending 1 more year here, but nope! I really didn’t want to but it would have gotten us through the crazy time. However, this ended up working out perfectly. We are going to be moving closer to my work and to Zoe’s work and just closer in the mix in general. We are both very excited about the whole thing. Honestly, I wish we could just time warp into it all being done and we are just there already!

In the meantime, there are some really super great holiday’s coming up! We have St. Patrick’s Day and then the next one is Cinco De Mayo! What???? I can’t wait!

OK… but let us focus on Happy Hoppy St. Patty’s Day! What is everyone doing this weekend? I know there are a million things that are going on out here in the ATL! I am taking off this Friday for all things green beer! Ha but knowing me I may just be sleep! I really hope not! Who else if off this weekend? Let me know where you guys are going to be hanging out.

Well that is the update that I have for now! I just wanted to share with you what is going in my life and why I have been a bit missing. Oh and I had gotten sick there for a couple of days as well.

But I am back on it people! Make sure and share you St. Patty’s Day photos with me! I would love to see them. I may even bust out some old school throw back pics of some great St. Patty’s Day fun!

Finally, check out Paleo Food Critic’s sister site Chow Bellissima for some healthish recipes. They are going to start to get firey and fierce. I am going to try and bust out a ton of delicious treats before the big move!

Enjoy your Happy Hoppy St. Patty’s Day party people! Be safe out there. You never know I may run into you!

Stay classy and be kind to one another!

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