Happy President’s Day!

Presidents day

Happy President’s Day everyone! Hopefully for some of you, you have the day off of work! I know it was a much needed day off for me that’s for sure. So since we are all trying to enjoy your day off I will keep this short and sweet.

I know that this is a difficult President’s Day for many since the nation is still so divided. The people of this country are still very much standing on their own sides. The people who think that that Trump and his supporters are ridiculous and clueless, still think they are and on the other side the Trump supporters are still out there on a limb for him and are really believing that he knows what he is doing.

Frankly, it has been about a month so far into this presidency and it has feel like an eternity. There is so much crap going on and lying that no one can keep anything straight. This is beginning to seem like a Television Reality show. All I know is it is not good. On the other hand, maybe we were all being a little too complacent in what was going on. Perhaps this is what was needed for us to get our shit together and RISE UP and actually make a change. At least try to put some pressure on our Congress to actually do the job for the people that put them in that position.

I always thought I was diligent about knowing what is going on in the world. But more now than ever, there are people who were not diligent about what was going on out there and who are now coming together in such droves. It is very exciting to see, which gives us hope. A little…but still.

I don’t want this to be an all gloom and doom post. What I am so happy about is seeing the Obama family out and about on vacation and just chillaxin. I am sure that they never want to come back home. Seeing them so happy just brings a smile to my face. Who can’t get over this photo? I know I can’t!

Happy Presidents Day

I love love love this! The Obama family makes me feel like I know them. They really do need to be a part of my family. Just sayin’. Maybe they are…? You never know. HAHA.

Alrighty friends! I told you I was going to keep this short and sweet. I only wanted to get in touch on this extra day off. Try not to let any of the craziness get to you. I am really keeping to lay off the news today. It is really supposed to be a fantastic day out and I am going to get to cooking! There are some fantastic dishes that are in the works. You do not want to miss them.

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Happy President’s Day people! Enjoy your day off.

Stay classy and be kind to one another!

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