My 2016 Year in Review

year in review

Happy End of the Year Everyone! This is My 2016 Year in Review!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

I suppose that depending on who you are and where you live or what your belief system is, is how you would reflect on your own 2016. I have to be honest, this has been a very rough year for me. There were some good times and all. It wasn’t a complete and utter downer, but the not so good outweighed the pleasantries that is for sure.

Some of the pluses that I had this year were:

  1. A job, a car and a home to live in. I know that those may seem like basic necessities of life, but many people do not have those. I believe that we have to show gratitude just for our existence and being able to make it through the day without serious issues. But lets stay on the positive track!
  2. Wonderful children/adults. My son turned 21 this year. It was so fantastic that my son was able to come home twice in one year! It went from nothing for two years to two times in one! I was able to spend his birthday and the holidays with him. He has quite a stressful job of keeping our country safe. It is quite the sacrifice that every single person in this country benefits from. Thank you son!
  3. Of course I cannot leave out my other child/adult! My daughter turned 18 this year. Plus she is almost done with her senior year of high school. She has one class next semester!
  4. I have officially accomplished and fulfilled my duty as a parent. I did not kill either one of them on accident or on purpose. That is quite a feat! I can now cross that off of my to-do list. It is officially in the completed column. BOOM!
  5. I was able to begin a podcast with my bestie Crystal, The Middle Years Podcast. OK maybe it is her thing and she does all of the work, but I am on it!
  6. I started a new website myself!!!!! And I was able to get the site up all on my own…no web designers…just my own sweat and tears! Literally!
  7. Oh and we got to see Beyonce…just had to throw that in there.
  8. Oh and we went to the Seahawks/Panthers PlayOff Game. However, there was not a great outcome. See minuses of the year #5.

And now for some of the minuses of year (and there are plenty):

  1. All things Donald Trump (I can get into specifics, but just his name should say it all).
  2. Prince, George Michael and Mohammad Ali. I know a ton of people passed this year. There are just way too many to name. As I speak another one has probably left us. I can’t blame the guy for starting the Go Fund Me page to keep Betty White alive. It was that bad folks. HAVE to keep Betty White safe at all costs. I cannot stress that enough. The biggest loss for me personally, PRINCE. I seriously mourned like he was my bestie. I may have even only worn black for a month.
  3. Not having the first woman President. Hillary girl, I am always here for you if you need a friend. You were soooo close. It would have broke that glass ceiling and maybe, just a little bit, we (women) could feel like we were an equal. Beyond disappointed. I am still in mourning, just so you know.
  4. Mean people. Racists, Bigots, Misogynists, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigrant, etc….this is pretty much anyone who is not inclusive and appreciative of our diverse country and culture. I DO NOT appreciate KKK parades going on in nearby states. Very Bothersome.
  5. Seahawks lost the Playoff Game against the Panthers. So close yet so far. Bummer deal but very fun being only a few Seahawk fans in the sea of Panthers.
  6. ZIKA. That was scary. Period.
  7. Oh and how I drove away with my keys on the top of my car. They were missing for a while…I found them! Which may actually be a plus!
  8. Oh and a torn calf muscle. Jumpy places and Ninja Walls are not for me. Thanks.

I am leaving at 8 goods and bads. That is really enough to list. I could go on with the badness, but honestly I do not want go into 2017 drunk as a skunk and wallowing in pity. Just sayin’.

That is My 2016 Year in Review! I would love to hear all of the great things that you had going on this year. Maybe not the bad stuff…see the drunk as a skunk line.

I am going into 2017 with high hopes at least. I am going to rock these planners and have myself completely organized. I am shooting for about 2 weeks. Maybe 3. That is when it may start to fall apart. Just being honest!

Alrighty! I am going to let you all go! Please, please let me know some great things that happened to you. But like most folks out there, I am on the F*CK 2016 train!!!

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Stay Classy peeps and be kind to one another. Would ya???

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