Oh Hello Lexington!

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Oh HELLO Lexington, strangers and loved ones! I know it has been such a LONG time! I just really don’t even know what to say? I am so sorry for letting everyone down and not getting my shit together! To be honest it has been a very trying year this year. It has affected me in more ways than one and more than I would like. There has been some ups and downs and way too much stress!

I am trying to get this last month of you know…not much going on….to try and finally get my shit together. There were some fun moments that have happened as of late that I would love to share them with you. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to go and see some dear old friends. They recently moved from Seattle to Lexington, Kentucky! Whaaattttt???? Yeah culture shock right!?  Yes I agree. I think that they needed a friendly face. I know how hard it can be to move to another state where not everyone hold your same views. I live in Atlanta and so I get that some of the state is on another playing field but I can’t imagine moving into  DEEP RED KENTUCKY. Yikes. So I get how they really needed some friends to come and visit just to have a teeny bit of normalcy.

It was a super quick weekend getaway. Friday to Sunday. They are only about 5 hours away which is nice but it is still drive for that quick of a turn around. I should have definitely left earlier….but since I had some shit going on it was not possible. Ugh. That is a story for a different day.

Long story short we drank a ton of wine and ate some good food. My favorite part was going to one of the distilleries. We went to the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Who knew that there was so much to learn about Bourbon? Probably lots of you know but I did not. We did some tasting and watching…I have come to find out that I still do not like Bourbon. Sorry…

However, the grounds were so gorgeous. It was a beautiful fall day and I could not have asked for any better weather. The trees and grounds were just picturesque. I can’t imagine it being any better. Well I know how it could have been better…if I liked Bourbon! They did have a tasty Bourbon Cream in which I may pick up at the local liquor store. You may not all have it since it a Southern thing! The cream makes for a wonderful spiked Root Beer float! Yum Yum! I will post some additional pictures on social media for you to see.

oh hello lexington

Before you even blinked an eye I was on my way back to Atlanta. It was so quick. I barely can even remember it. All in all Lexington was lovely. It is small and not much is happening there. It is a stark difference from Atlanta in which you can’t even get from one place to another in any quick amount of time. In Lexington, you can actually park on the street and the lines aren’t long. Love it! Would I want to live there…..um heck no! I am going to be a visitor only thank you very much!

It was so wonderful to see my good friends and I can’t wait to see them again! I will go back…who else is going to go out there! HAHA!

In other news….there is just way to much to sum up in this post! I will be having another post within the next couple of days laying out all of the goodies and not goodies that have been going on and what to expect in the next year! I am moving on and up and its time to refocus. I can’t keep having other people affect my life. Its just not a good look!


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P.S. Check out my other site ChowBellissima for updates as well. It will all be coming together!

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