Paleo Food Critic is now Chow Bellissima!

Hello Paleo Food Critic readers! I have a big announcement to make and that is that Paleo Food Critic is now combining with my other website Chow Bellissima! I have  “been” trying to figure out how to work both sites for a while and all that was happening is that I was becoming overwhelmed. So although there will not be a dedicated Paleo site for now, you will be able to find all of the the great Paleo recipes on You won’t miss a thing!

Chow Bellissima will not only have healthy meal choices but meals that you may be able to eat in moderation of course! There will also be fitness tips, fashion and beauty tips, as well as my super fun blog so that you know what is going on with me!

Beginning in March of 2019, Paleo Food Critic will forward to the Chow Bellissima site. I am not saying that it will be gone for forever, but there are some issues with the site that it seems it is giving me a sign that we should stick with one for now. I am no crazy tech person and so the amount of time that I am trying to figure this site out, I would be able to give you amazing content on the other fantastic site. Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for reading this blog and following along.

Have a wonderful holiday and new year! See you over on Chow Bellissima!

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