Welcome 2017! Let’s Make it a Great Year!

Welcome 2017

Oh Hello everyone! It’s me Michelle! And Welcome 2017! Let’s Make it a Great Year why don’t we? It seemed like a really rough and terrible 2016. I am the first one to say GOOD RIDDANCE! We do not know what the future holds for any of us. It seems a bit all over the place already. I won’t get into details! This is not what this Post is about.

I am all about making the Year of Michelle. Just like the Year of Sue from The Middle (I love that show). We all have so much that is going on this year. I wanted to share what I will be working on this year with you. I’m not just to tell you guys stuff just so that it goes by the wayside but for you all to hold me accountable as well. I need some folks to check up on me to make sure that I am on the right track. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not going to be making tons of Goals and Resolutions…. because why would I set myself up to fail? No thanks!

Some of the Goals are not for right now and I have nothing that is an instant gratification. It has been a week into 2017 and I probably have broken all things that I talked about that I was going to do. So I am going to be a bit more honest with myself and just know that most of these goals will not kick off until February. I should have been more ramped up and prepared for 2017 but I wasn’t and hence, why I am already running behind in 2017.

Some items that I have started and stuck to so far are:

  • My planners…maybe it’s just because I really love all of the stickers! I have an everyday planner and I also have a workout/food planner. To be honest, the workout planner is not going that great. Not to make excuses but I am still getting rid of Christmas cookies and food. One thing I am not going to do is waste some delicious meats and cheeses! No ma’am!
  • Being diligent about working and updating the blogs. The very first thing I did was update and revamp Paleo Food Critic. I just wasn’t really happy with the old theme. The one that is up currently is much more friendly and is more in line with Chow B. Note- I am still working on uploading the recipes from the old PFC. But they will get there. It is quiet interesting to see how far I have come in just blogging and photography. Those early posts were a mess! Be thankful for a new and more clean website. Your eyes will thank you.
  • Starting off with a great Read. I love starting off the year with a great book. It is a bit self helpie, but with everything that is going on, I really need the reminders of whats up. (I will share the title with you as I get into it. I am only on like Chapter 3 and I don’t want to give you a recommendation if it is crappy).
  • A no spend for a long while 2017. I am going to try and make it the year. I can only invest in myself. I technically sort of already broke that rule by buying Playoff Seahawks tickets…but I mean…really? They are here in the ATL. We don’t even have to drive like last year to Charlotte. But thats that….it’s not like I am buying Super Bowl tickets or something.

Here are some items that are on deck:

  • Sticking with an 80/20 diet. This will happen as soon as all of the baked goods, candies, and cookies with candies on top are gone.
  • Revamping my work out routine. Anyone who knows me knows that I have been following a weightlifting program for quiet a while now through Catalyst Athletics. This has made it a bit difficult to lose fat off the old bod. So the plan is to clean up the diet and cut back on heavy loads, to drop some poundage. Now I am not a freak about being skinny or anything. I am just looking for maybe 10-15 pounds. As I am getting older things, I have found that things are a bit more difficult, i.e. recovery, losing weight, etc. I need to be more cognizant about what is going on with me.
  • Be better at sleeping. I have just been having issues with that for a while. The extra added stress is/was just getting to me. Cutting out some toxic people, places and things should help that.
  • And lastly, try not to let things bother me that I cannot change. I can only change how I think and react to the situations. you would think that I would have already started that…and I did for like a day or two…then reality set in and some stuff happened and blah blah blah. You get the picture.

My disclaimer is that I may add to these lists…although I am not going to be carried away. I think that 8 throughout they year will be a feat all in itself. I will be happy with completing half of these items. But you know what I am going to do all of these items if it kills me!

Let me know what your Goals/Resolutions are. I am really interested to see what you have coming up and how you are feeling about the upcoming year.

We are all going to have to stick together more now than ever!

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So Welcome 2017! Let’s Make it a Great Year everyone!

Keep in touch..I will be…..

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