Wine up! It’s Spring Time!

wine up!its spring time!

Hellloooo everyone! It is time to Wine up! It’s Spring Time!

I know I have been off the radar for a couple of weeks. But things have been a bit on the nutty side. As you know from my last blog post is that we are getting ready to move. I know it is still a couple of months away but it is a process. We are having to get rid of furniture and all sorts of things. Moving into a place that is half the size is a chore!

Although with all of this “extra” stuff going, we are really looking forward to the move. Like REALLY! You would think that we were moving states again but we are not. Only about 10 miles away! Those 10 miles will make a world of difference in time and space and moving on with a new chapter.

I have a love/hate relationship with moving. I love getting new scenery and meeting new people. Although we are already really familiar with the area since we are there all of the time. But still……The hate part. Ugh…the moving, the logistics, the packing, etc. Since I am such a personality that once a decision is made I am ready to move on with it and get it done. Like a check mark. I end up getting anxious of the waiting…it’s just not a strong suit of mine!

Plus on top of that..Zoe is graduating that same weekend! We have family in town…it is just going to be a lot going on. It will all be worth it in the end.

With all of that information, it is difficult to cook and plan and post and all of those fun things that go along with my side hustle.  Unfortunately, I still have a J-O-B! I have to pay the bills and that of course comes first…for now. I am still hoping that Martha or Oprah see my websites and just absolutely love it and I become an overnight sensation! It will happen someday but right now I have to live in a reality.

Do not fret, fantastic items will still be posted as there are so many things that are in the works. It just might not be all of the time. I am really looking forward and all of the positive stuff that is coming our way. You all are really going to love it all! Just hang in there!

In the meantime, check out Chow Bellissima for some fantastic recipes! Also, check out all of my fantastic deals on the side bar! You will get some money off and I may get a couple bucks as well in the deal! See we are all win win!

But to relax, we all need to Wine Up! It’s Spring Time! It is a new season and it is looking mighty lovely out there! Grab a glass of vino and relax on the porch or in the tub! You won’t regret it!

Until next time! Stay classy and be kind to one another out there!

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